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“I joined this project as a Bilingual person myself, I felt obligated as an artist to make my two worlds known. My parents migrated here from Mexico before meeting each other in the states. My mother now has her citizenship and is my biggest inspiration to be resilient in a world where many people might not be so accepting of me because of my background and roots, thanks to her I have never been ashamed of who I am. When thinking of a concept for this seal I went through many stages and was never fully confident on one thing until I landed on a braid. Braids can be found in many cultures throughout history they can be worn for important occasions, casual days to day, and as protective hairstyles. I wanted to make sure both what the bilingual seal represents and the significance of many cultures could take part in helping me create this design. Within the three braid strands that represent social-cultural competence, high achievement, bilingualism, and biliteracy I added ribbons that represent what it takes to receive the bilingualism seal which is strength, loyalty, and positivity.” — Daniela “Koi” Luna Huereca

Final seal design by Daniela “Koi” Luna Huereca of Capital High

SFPS Bilingualism & Bilingual Seal Project

The Santa Fe Public School District’s Language and Culture Department was seeking a district seal to acknowledge and honor students who successfully complete the requirements to obtain a Bilingualism & Biliteracy Award. The SFPS Language and Culture Department engaged Design Corps of Santa Fe to provide mentorship and creative programming to assist high school students in developing concepts for this seal and to finalize the chosen design. 

Design Corps members Renee Innis and Bram Meehan and SFPS District Secondary Bilingual Coach Dr. Suzanne Jacquez-Gorman worked with four students over several weeks to guide them through a professional design scenario: Enrique Eigner-Herrera, Early College Opportunities; Stephanie Lopez and Beberlly Lopez, Santa Fe High School; and Daniela “Koi” Luna Huereca, Capital High.

In working with the students, the goal was to simulate a professional creative environment and offer an experience they might have working with a client. As part of this, the students were guided through the following process. 

  1. Taught about and helped define a creative brief
  2. Generated multiple ideas based on the parameters of the brief
  3. Assimilated feedback to select and refine one idea to completion
  4. Formally presented their final design to the SFPS Bilingual Seal Panel of Judges
  5. The selected designer developed the design to completion

The selected concept was created by Capital High student DanielaKoi” Luna Huereca. Her illustrative approach to the symbology and composition of her concept was exceptional, it truly resonated with the SFPS Bilingualism & Biliteracy Seal Panel and Design Corps Members. Koi demonstrated a real commitment to the project and the final result is not only inspiring, it is a powerful example of what can be achieved through guidance and creative ambition.

As Design Corps’ mission is to promote the value of design in all of its disciplines and as a professional service, this project was not a contest, but compensated participants for their work; Design Corps professionals were paid for their time, and all students who completed a seal design will receive a gift certificate to reflect the real-world expectations of working a creative job funded by Dollars for Schools, Santa Fe Community Foundation.