We design for the community.

The Design Corps identifies design as an integral and essential component of business and community development. We define design broadly (see We Are). The Design Corps is a resource to serve all of your visual communication needs. We offer educational workshops around all facets of the design process and the designer-client relationship. We identify areas for community collaboration benefiting from design intelligence and process.

Design Mentorships.

Our community has design programs at universities nearby. Our membership is dedicated to providing opportunity for emerging designers to work with established designers to augment the classroom environment with real-life learning.

Design Education.

Our membership is dedicated to educating the community and businesses about design value. We will host coffee talks, happy hours, design classes (or seminars) and ways for businesses and organizations to learn more about design today in an ever-changing web climate, social media marketing, and print and digital design.

Design Networking.

We convene. Our members gather and the community is always invited to join us. See the We Convene page for our upcoming events.

Design Community.

Providing design value is critical to who We Are. To this end we seek opportunities to collaborate with one another and to become a design resource that represents design value for scaleable economies, and client businesses and organizations. If you are interested in discussing a collaborative endeavor with us, please email us at sayhi@design-corps.org.