We are an alliance of design professionals.

The Design Corps is an alliance of creative professionals who exemplify the value of design that engages and motivates people in our community.

The Design Corps was created to make visible the role of leading visual communication professionals in Santa Fe. It functions as a design hub that educates and advocates for the essential value of design to businesses and organizations.

The alliance sees progressive design as an agent of social good and a fundamental force in initiating change, innovating businesses and organizations, and strengthening the fabric of our community.

Through this website we bring together design colleagues that offer invaluable services: graphic designers, brand experts, web developers and designers, photographers and videographers, illustrators, copywriters, digital content strategists and media producers.

The Design Corps is a beneficial resource for Santa Fe for many reasons. The city of Santa Fe was appointed the UNESCO creative city in design, crafts and folk art in 2005. Economic development efforts have accelerated through the recent addition of Start-Up Santa Fe, Meetups, and a creative-city landscape that includes numerous arts nonprofits and prioritizes art-and-technology activities.

It’s our impression that Santa Fe is overdue in embracing the value of design as fundamental and essential to our community, its marketplace of ideas, and its products and services. Our alliance is here to change that. Our founding group of colleagues participates in design value daily.

Our Criteria

The Design Corps represents individuals and companies that demonstrate high standards of creativity, community building, and professional experience. We qualify applicants with the following criteria in mind.

Design Corps professionals have the expertise to:
• Combine creative criteria with sound problem-solving strategy
• Create a broad range of conceptual, formal and technological skills
• Provide the highest level of strategic design, typography and image solutions to ensure increased visibility

Design Corps professionals are practicing business professionals who:
• Have at least 5 years professional experience
• Have an active, user-friendly, responsive website
• Provide the client with a working agreement or estimate for all projects
• Treat all work and knowledge of a client’s business as confidential
• Do not work on assignments that create potential conflicts of interest
• Pursue business opportunities that support fair and open competition
• Have a working knowledge of copyright laws and usage rights
• Do not participate in spec work