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A collection of type related what-nots:

Typographic Inspirations

Marion Bantjes

Jessica Hische

Fonts in Use

Heighten your awareness by following this site. It has everything from street signage, to vintage album covers.

Number 04

Nice collection of work, and by no means the only studio curating great work.


dunno why they ‘ended’ in 2014… Best of 2014 (be sure to read the first couple of comments – have to say I agree.)

Typographic Posters

the name says it all.

Games & Apps (…more to come!)

Kern Me

Call this up in your browser on desktop, or tablet…great challenge and skill builder.

Tools & Books


Pairings, experimenting, using and buying from fonts collections around the world.

A great list of books here…

…by another great designer, David Airey. Don’t miss his book, “Work for Money, Design for Love”  or his most-excellent list of student resources.

The Elements of Typographic Style.

A classic tome. Now applied to teh interwebs.

Thinking With Type

Get thee this book, or at least get to this page. No excuses—it’s almost all online.

Designing for the Web

The whole book is presented online. Lovely type Anatomy diagram and descriptions here. Chapter 13 is on Typography.

Lorem Ipsum Generator and History

Need placeholder copy for your project? There’s a good reason to use Lorem Ipsum.


Looking for good type pairings… start here.

What the Font!

Both a tool and a shop for type. If you have a sample of type that you need to identify/match, upload an image into their tool and it will spit out possible matches. In their early days, it seemed to work better—more non-partisan. Now it will steer you to choices that are sold directly through their site.



One of the very best and one that every designer should know. Contains an enormous amount of history and significance. (plus they have free fonts to get you hooked…)

Hoefler & Co.

Also one that every designer should know of.

House Industries

I would say revival fonts, but also some of the very best cuts in the world. For those of you in Santa Fe, NM, you should know Girard, and therefore House Industries.

Lost Type

Good modern display fonts. (lots of freebies).