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Power it off.
2020 needs a reset button, so we’re giving it one.

All Design Corps memberships are now free for the rest of 2020.

Professional creatives throughout New Mexico can post to the Design Corps website for free. If you are a practicing design professional with a sustainability conscience, and resilient spirit, we’ll post and boost your services through, news blasts (subscribe!) and any other means we have available.

For the past 5 years, we’ve hosted open-studios and platforms for designers, photographers, architects, copywriters, content strategists, web developers and media marketers to offer their services throughout New Mexico and across the country. We’ve connected workers with work, and businesses with partners and collaborators. Now Design Corps is even more open and accessible. Join here, or email us at with any questions.

But in all seriousness, we can’t reset this year.

A lot of damage has been done. People have lost loved ones, lost their jobs, lost their places of work. Entire communities and cultures are struggling to cope and keep up. The cracks in this country’s infrastructure and support systems are now painfully obvious, and the ripple effects of this pandemic will last for a long time.

There won’t be a simple tech solution to this. We can’t just power off and on again, but perhaps we can power down and embrace positive changes moving forward. Designers and design strategists know this. It’s part of their ongoing process to review all of the parts of a problem, and begin selectively and methodically recreating those parts into better outcomes.

Assess the reality and proceed with goodness.
Stay healthy, stay sane!
Robert Innis