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This month’s Corps Close-up highlights Bridget Morris of Bella Forte Designs and her BLEUSALT project, a clothing line launched by Malibu-based photographer Lindsay Benson in December.

BLEUSALT ~ Bridget Morris

Lindsay Benson of BLUESALT asked Bella Forte Designs to create some custom boxes that would house a piece of clothing and a
book of photos showcasing the new clothing line that is made with sustainable beechwood and made in the USA.

Her branding colors are dark blue and white and she wanted a pop of red on the boxes to highlight the made in the US aspect. We designed the boxes so when opened you would see the book first and when
that is lifted out a piece of clothing sits. The book sits on the  thick interior wall so it is not sitting on the clothing. These 7 boxes went to Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue Magazine as well as others in the fashion industry.

Lindsay also asked if we could design her stationary, thank you card and business cards. We used a duplexed paper (blue on one side, white on the other) for all of these pieces. The business cards were double sided with letterpress on the white side with all the contact information and on the blue side we hot foil stamped the BLEUSALT logo in white.

Lindsay wanted a thank you note to go into all shipments. Her idea was to have it handwritten in her handwriting. We suggested we
create a file using her handwriting and then letterpress that. We sent her a template to write every letter in the alphabet and from that we created the font and the thank you letters which look great on the duplexed paper.

See more of Bridget’s work at Bella Forte Designs.

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