Susan Wilhite

Shimoshi NM is a Product Opportunity Basecamp. Early-stage startups are coached through the Problem-Solution investment in product development. Founders gain a learning culture ready for pivots while there is still runway and are well-equipped to consider promising, newly exposed opportunities.

Susan is a senior user experience (UX) researcher with an anthropology provenance. The bulk of her work has been in stealth or skunkworks teams developing emerging technologies and services at global organizations such as Microsoft, Google, Intuit, Splunk, Habitat for Humanity, and Samsung. Her role has been to ensure that launched products are adoptable, desirable, and responsible to individual users, to society, and to ecological systems.

Being an expansive thinker, Susan dabbles in speculative futures and historical fictions when she’s not getting lost outdoors. She also takes the center of the front row balcony at the Temple of the Silver Screen.

Susan finished her BA at UNM and MA in Anthropology at UCLA, with additional economics, business, and ancient genetics coursework at Harvard and Stanford. She and her black cat Sombra live in Santa Fe.