Rubina Cohen

Firefly Strategies

Corps Committee Member

Firefly Strategies is a full-service (start-to-finish) marketing, communications strategy and support firm based in Santa Fe, New Mexico since 2008. We specialize in providing marketing solutions for the Economic Development, Commercial Development, Homebuilding, Design, Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Healthcare, and Technology Industries. We have offices based in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Washington D.C. Our team is built with well-experienced professionals that are deeply dedicated to producing results for our clients.

Rubina is a marketing + growth strategist and brings over 15 years of experience. Having worked within the economic development, homebuilding, design, health, wellness and environmental industries over the span of her career, she has gained a unique understanding of the growth and marketing strategies needed to effectively communicate the value that is being produced in these industries and produce bottom line results for clients.

When not with her clients or working on Firefly Strategies related projects, you can find Rubina practicing Aikido, meditating, working on her other business ventures, and spending time with her two kids.