Kate Russell Photography

Kate Russell is a photographer and director based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She shows her subjects with simplicity, respect and curiosity while elevating the unexpected. The subjects she has covered are as varied as her background and include action, architecture, art, circus, fashion, food, friends, life and travel. Kate also worked with New Mexico’s Meow Wolf as an artist, collaborator, photographer and Director of Photography. Her photos are known to define the Meow Wolf brand. Her work has been featured in Art Forum, High Fructose Magazine, New Mexico Magazine, Rolling Stone Magazine, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and many others.

Kate’s career in photography began in 2000 as she was looking for ways to ‘run away From the circus’ instead of To. She utilizes circus boss skills to bring both logistical know-how and artistic vision to each project. Kate is a self taught photographer who pursued the tools of narrative storytelling and commercial studio work early in her career. She is skilled at creating fantastical environments with the simplest of tools; light, location and timing.