Kaela Waldstein

Mountain Mover Media

Mountain Mover Media is a multi-award winning video production company specializing in documentaries of high production value and emotional resonance with an emphasis on the Arts.

Owner Kaela Waldstein leads all aspects of production from pre- to post, including concept development, directing/producing, cinematography, on-site sound, editing, and color grading. She often works as a one-person crew yet also has an extensive network of subcontractors for larger projects. Her approach is collaborative, fun, and knowledge driven.

Clientele ranges from nonprofits and small businesses, to governmental agencies and large corporations, including: New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Santa Fe, Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA), New Mexico School for the Arts, the Southwestern Association for Indian Arts, Many Mothers, Longview Asset Management, the CW Television Network, and Viacom.