Douglas Merriam Photography

Doug is an accomplished food, travel and lifestyle photographer with an easygoing demeanor and creative eye. He’s known for being able to create beautiful photographs in situations that seem impossible to shoot. He’s photographed hundreds of travel stories and the people and food in those locales. His passions are anything food related, from the farmers who grow it to the chefs who prepare it, to traveling to where great food is found, whether it’s across the country or in his own garden. He’s photographed four cookbooks and is currently working on two more, including Farm Fresh Journey: The Santa Fe Farmers Market Cookbook.

His personality and problem solving skills makes it easy for art directors to relax while knowing they’re going to get great images. He’s happiest when collaborating and shooting, and is lucky enough to split his time between Santa Fe, New Mexico and Portland, Maine, where he can experience opposite geographic extremes.