Deirdre Harris

DNCA Architects

Corps Committee Member

Deirdre is a senior associate at DNCA architects, a small full-service architecture practice committed to design excellence and the quality of the built environment. Over twenty years we have built a portfolio of award-winning projects featuring modern, light-filled spaces that are founded upon a spare and honest expression of the materials of construction. Our work is responsive to each client’s needs and budget as well as the context of site and climate, and we aim to produce buildings and spaces that possess the flexibility to be both physically and socially durable. We keep our studio small, enabling our provision of engaged and highly personalized client service. Our projects include the Railyard Galleries, Lewallen Galleries, UNM Tamarind Institute, Second Street Brewery, and the New Mexico Museum of Art Vladem Contemporary.

A licensed architect, Deirdre holds degrees in both architecture and landscape architecture, and has been striving to unite the two fields throughout three decades of practice in Canada, northern California, and New Mexico. At DNCA, she oversees the integration of sustainable systems, landscape, and construction document coordination, and plays an active role in during construction, working side-by-side with client and builder to achieve a high-quality product. Deirdre is detail-oriented and is motivated by a passion for connecting people to environment through the choreography of the perceptual, tactile, and emotive aspects of spatial experience.