Curt Doty

Curt Doty is an award-winning Creative Director, who brings leadership experience across the entertainment, marketing and branding worlds. His creative path started as an illustrator in NYC and led to a career in Television specializing in network branding all over the world. He moved into the movie business as a creative executive at Universal Pictures where he led many integrated marketing campaigns for many movies. Focusing on Poster Design, packaging and AV, he promoted many famous movies. His print and digital work continued in Public Relations at Weber Shandwick, creating many activations with a focus on content marketing. His recent clientele includes government work with HUD in designing all of their print collateral, re-branding and marketing the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival, launching the Santa Fe Art Experience and designing the logo for CLIMATE STRIKE NEW MEXICO. He is, and continues to be, a thought leader, visionary and outspoken creative on what is happening in Tech, Content and Design.