Charlotte McKernan

Emerging Professional / DNCA Architects

I’m Charlotte (but you can call me Charlie). I’m an intern architect and information designer with a love of computer programming. My work spans across disciplines, including architectural design, concept art/illustration, 3D modeling, front‑end development, and data viz. I was raised in Santa Fe, NM and studied in Japan and Switzerland. My background is in communication design, and environmental research.

I help to solve complex problems through design. I currently work in the design/construction industry. Previously, I collaborated with a team at RS21 on a combination of information design, user experience research, and process/service optimization projects. I worked with PBI Construction Consulting as a project manager for a variety of large commercial and institutional infrastructure/construction projects. I am currently working with DNCA Architects on the design and administration of large and small projects in Santa Fe and Albuquerque.

In my spare time, I tinker with creative coding, digital fabrication, and hand embroidery. I enjoy sketching, traveling, taking photos, and contributing to OpenStreetMap.