Brian McWilliams

Vertical Web Development

I’m a Programmer and Web Developer located in Santa Fe, New Mexico with 20+ years of demonstrated history coding in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and Javascript. I’m especially good at programming responsive (mobile friendly) websites and applications that translate well between desktop and mobile devices.

Many of my projects address issues beyond coding such as ADA compliance and accessibility as well as measuring and improving site performance using tools such as Page Speed, GT Metrix, Lighthouse, etc. Working with different CMS’s is a special interest and I’ve created websites using custom CMS’s as well as off-the-shelf systems such as WordPress, Craft, October, GRAV and even Squarespace.

I’m a minimalist and a strong believer in keeping things simple, maintainable, easy to use and logical. I prefer to rely on core technologies and believe we should strive to make clean, light, compliant, simple markup and code. Most of us view content on mobile devices in compromised situations or with limited bandwidth and some of us struggle with handicaps. With that in mind, I strive to create work that’s supportive and inclusive of all users.