Bill Stengel Photography

I made the decision to embrace the lemming march of still photographers into video/motion during the winter of 2011/12 and it’s been a sprint ever since. I thrive on the steepest part of the learning curve. Shortly after getting some footing on the workings of video production, I learned it was a good fit – multiple layers of systems to manage, exponentially more gears to keep turning, crafting a story with the input of several other collaborators, and on and on. The thing that struck me most, coming from still photography, is how much I enjoy working with a team of creatives focused on the common goal of making the best work possible.

Capabilities run the gamut from one-man-band to full-blown production. I can work with nearly any size budget.

Local collaborators/teammates include producers, directors, DP’s, editors/colorists, motion graphics artists, graphic designers, gaffers/grips, hair/makeup.