Learn about the benefits of a Design Corps Membership.

The Design Corps is expanding its Membership to include creative professionals in disciplines such as Architecture, Interior Design, and Product Design fields to name a few—if you are a creative professional and are interested in becoming a Member, apply below!

Apply before February 1, 2022 and receive a 25% discount on your annual membership!

The Design Corps Advisory Committee seeks Members that meet the following criteria, have demonstrated high standards of creativity, community building, and professional experience.

Member Benefits

  • Promotion of your creative services on website
  • Digital advertising for Design Corps via multiple local channels
  • Dedicated newsletters and announcements distributed by partner organizations
  • Monthly in-person and virtual networking events to connect with other Members
  • Professional development workshops and presentations
  • Member referrals and job opportunity listings

Annual Membership Fees

Apply before February 1, 2022 and receive a 25% discount on the fees listed below.

$50 Young Professionals (1-3 years of experience)
$150 for Individuals
$300 for Businesses with 3-5 Employees
$500 for Businesses with 6-10 Employees
$1,000 for Businesses with 11+ Employees
Fees will be requested upon acceptance of application.


Design Corps professionals have the expertise to:

• Combine creative criteria with sound problem-solving strategy
• Create a broad range of conceptual, formal and technological skills
• Provide the highest level of strategic design, typography and image solutions to ensure increased visibility

Design Corps professionals are practicing business professionals who:

• Have an active, user-friendly, responsive website
• Provide the client with a working agreement or estimate for all projects
• Treat all work and knowledge of a client’s business as confidential
• Do not work on assignments that create potential conflicts of interest
• Pursue business opportunities that support fair and open competition
• Have a working knowledge of copyright laws and usage rights

*Application acceptance notifications are sent following a review by the Design Corps Advisory Committee—the Committee may review a your website, portfolio, resume, and/or references.
For questions, email us at or call 505.216.6044.