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We recently had the unique opportunity of co-hosting, with AIGA New Mexico, a lecture and 2-day workshop with Artist/Printmaker Pete McCracken of Portland.

Pete McCracken, founder/owner operator of Crack Press, Art & Design Serigraph studio, brought a show ‘n tell presentation depicting the intensely complicated process of creating a massive edition of 44-color, hand-printed, 42.5” x 85” serigraph prints and the complex, intricate, personal journey that led him to this seemingly inevitable project.

Pete has been designing, making type, and creating posters for over 25 years, including work for REI, Columbia Sportswear, Nike, Wieden+Kennedy, and serigraph print editions for artists.

At his lecture, Pete demonstrated the inner workings and creation of 44 Last Suppers, an edition of large-format, serigraph mono prints (based on a paint-by-numbers set) created by Pete for Portland advertising legend and artist, Jim Riswold. This Paint-By-Numbers Last Supper project, originally intended as Jim’s seminal body of artwork, marked his debut into the art world. 

The 2-day workshop offered the opportunity to design and print your own type-inspired poster alongside Pete. This event sold out almost immediately after it was promoted, and the results were fantastic. Take a look at what some of the attendees created!