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Sorry for the delay in getting this post up! Per our conversation at our last Corps Coffee, we are a posting a multitude of links for your perusal regarding the value of your creative services.

Also, here is list of questions to consider when talking with potential clients:

How did this project come about or what prompted this project?
How did this decision come about? (i.e. did another company screwed up their site?)

Who are the decision-makers?
Push to meet with those who are involved.

What is your budget?
Throw out a ballpark range (15-20k for an identity program). If they say “We were thinking 2.5k”, this determines that we are not well aligned.

How serious are you about moving forward with this project?
If they can’t answer this, ask if you can touch base with them in a couple of days once they can better solidify the project.

Who else are you talking to? Or, are you talking with other designers?
Average of 3, more than this may not be worth your time

Be committed, but not attached.


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