The Design Process

Want to know what a typical design process looks like? We’ve laid it all out for you.

Design is participatory and collaborative, your knowledge of your business or organization is essential to the problem-solving process and will allow us to provide the best results for your investment.

1) The best place to start, a meet and greet

Designer & potential client meet to discuss the client’s needs and the designer’s services.

2) It’s all in writing, so the expectations are clear

A proposal is prepared based on the information gathered at the meeting, including project parameters, and is approved by the client.

3) Discovery, it’s essential to creativity

The designer researches, assesses, and asks questions to prepare a creative brief for client approval.

4) Exploring solutions to establish a design

Using the creative brief as a foundation, the designer begins their creative exploration and presents design solutions to the client.

5) Bringing on a collaborator for that something special

If specialty contract services are required, such as; copywriting, photography or videography, and web development, a designer selects the appropriate colleague and establishes an agreement between all parties.

6) The implementation says, and shows, it all

This is where all of the elements come together and you will see the results of the design process, visually and contextually.

7) Wrapping things up, the final review

Put an eagle-eye on your project, request any final changes from the designer, and approve!

8) The goods are delivered and ready for distribution

Whether it’s your website going live, delivery of final printed material, or the launch of your social media campaign, your design is now out there and ready to make an impact!