In August, Design Corps partnered with SFAI to participate in an exciting workshop opportunity with New York’s Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP). We had a great turnout, with a cross-section of community members including educators, designers, architects, urban planners, and local business owners.

In the workshop, we determined that our collaborative community project will be a focused, multi-panel educational print piece, based on some of the most successful legacy pieces from CUP’s case studies—such as disseminating information about rent control and renters’ rights in Chinatown, New York City.  The print piece will seek to reach an audience of providers who can offer assistance to immigrant families in New Mexico, such as healthcare professionals and educators. Our comprehensive design process will be comprised of team meetings over the course of several months, in which participants will bring their own research and questions to the table.

Our next project meeting will be a Teach-In with Allegra Love of the Santa Fe Dreamers Project on October 12th.  We will share an outline of scope ahead of time, and move forward individually and as a group with specific milestones to come.  We are excited about this relationship with SFAI as project manager and Design Corps as design manager, and sharing the future outcome of this project with the community.  At the Teach-In, we will be defining roles, responsibilities, and expectations—starting to pin down exactly what we will communicate to support the goals of the Dreamers Project. The images of our workshop below show some of the current overwhelming infrastructure of available immigration policy visual materials, which we will work to make into more cohesive, approachable visual tools to meet the established project goals.

The meeting will roll into October’s Corps Cocktails happy hour, so bring your project ideas and be ready to mingle and relax with a drink after the session.  If you are interested in joining the Immigration Impact collaborative project, please get in touch.

Design Corps SFAI CUP Workshop

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