Corps Close-Up ~ Nicole Rassmuson

By March 5, 2018 Corps Close-Up

This month’s Corps Close-up highlights Nicole Rassmuson of Artisan Minds and the RADIATE by McQuitty project, a compassionate dental practice.

RADIATE by McQuitty ~ Nicole Rassmuson

Artisan Minds were asked to create a brand that revolutionize a comforting, seamless, and innovative dental experience.

RADIATE is a vibrant B2C lifestyle brand that promises an authentic and unique dental experience in the heart of Santa Fe. The mission at RADIATE is to recreate the beauty of nature in it’s perfect form and function.

The RADIATE brand represents confidence, friendliness, vibrancy, and authenticity. The attention to detail and prioritization of comfort makes the patient feel at ease. The physical space, the personable greetings, and the excellent care, makes the whole experience unique and you do not feel as though you are in a traditional dental practice.

Artisan Minds created their Brand Strategy Platform, Logo and Corporate ID, Brand Identity Guidelines, Marketing & Brand Experience Plan, Promotional Materials, Uniforms, Photoshoots, Website Design and Built, Interior Design and Signage.

Photography by Kate Russell.

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