The Design Corps mission is to represent and advocate for the value of design.

We believe design, in all of its disciplines, is an integral investment in innovative thinking, positioning, communications and strategy for businesses and organizations. Design not only plays a key role in economic development, it motivates and aligns people to take progressive action in our community.

Design has the power to create change. Design Corps demonstrates this through community projects—
these projects provide meaningful and innovative communication solutions that amplify the voices of our community.

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Our alliance is made up of forward-thinking, conscientious, creative people all dedicated to this mission and principles. Since 2015 we’ve been gathering to support the networking and connections of our creative professionals in our city of Santa Fe.

Our members have collaborated on dozens of client projects ranging from marketing community impact campaigns to nationally recognized PSAs, comprehensive branding projects, and Emmy-awarding winning cinematography. Many have won awards and accolades in their area of expertise. Building relationships and cross-discipline partnerships are core to our alliance.

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