Design Corps SFAI CUP Workshop

Design Thinking

Collaborative Action

We view design as an active process, a method for strategic thinking, and a way of experimenting and synthesizing new ideas. Design Corps offers a space where collaboration, support, education and mentoring is celebrated.

Design Thinking.
Design Connections.

Design thinking aligns everyone as part of greater whole. Understanding how to connect compatible skills accelerates progressive and effective relationships—students can collaborate with designers, physicists can mix with architects, economists can inspire historians, and artists can mentor engineers.

Catalyzing Change.

Sustainable and resilient change occurs through the efforts of many disciplines working together.

We are currently collaborating with Friends of Architecture Santa Fe to present the Revisioning History, a series of events to acknowledge Santa Fe’s rich architectural history and and rethink current paradigms of the built-environment.

Sharing Stories

Life can be beautifully simple when communicating in real life, and in real-time.

Connecting Resources

Education and guidance through many individuals and organizations.

Community. Continuity. Culture.

Invigorating  Education

Supporting, mentoring for both students and professionals.

Creating Platforms

Outreach, advocacy, and inclusivity.

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